How do I know this method works?

We have hundreds of users who have sold tens of thousands of units using our platform. When you join you will get access to our quickly growing user group: BoostRooster User Only Facebook Group. We also offer professional level training

Is BoostRooster Compliant with Facebook’s March 2020 Changes?

In March of 2020 Facebook will be restricting our ability to use messenger marketing for promotions. Not to worry, BoostRooster has adjusted all of our templates and flows to be compliant with the new Facebook tagging requirements. No additional work

Does BoostRooster help prevent rebate scammers?

There are some nasty scammers out there who like to take advantage of Amazon sellers. These buyers place an order, cancel the order, and trick Amazon sellers into giving them rebates so they can make a quick buck. That’s why

Are there any hidden fees?

Unlike the competition, BoostRooster does not charge any hidden “per rebate” fees. You can launch as many products as you want for one flat monthly fee.

What does the 14-day Free Trial include?

The Free Trial gives you full access to BoostRooster Professional. You can create unlimited campaigns and add unlimited products for 14 days. If you choose not to continue your BoostRooster subscription, any running campaigns will be paused, and you will

Do I need any other 3rd-party software or websites?

BoostRooster integrates with ManyChat Pro as well as Amazon Seller Central. You must have both of these in order to use BoostRooster. In addition to these two 3rd-party websites, you will also need to sign up for a Facebook Ad

How Many Storefronts Can I Connect?

Each Storefront is one connection to your Seller Central Account in an Amazon Marketplace. Pro Subscription: You can connect 1 storefront Alpha Subscription: You can connect up to 3 storefronts    

Which Amazon marketplaces does BoostRooster support?

Currently, only the US and UK Amazon Marketplaces are supported.

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