Rooster Protect v2

Manychat Integration

BoostRooster's custom integration with Manychat helps you manage your campaigns without having to be a Manychat Expert.

REBATE automation

BoostRooster provides a convenient way to add rebates to the system, and also distributition to customers

campaign management

Manage your entire campaign from the BoostRooster dashboard. Edit your products. Watch your orders and gift cards.

order verification

No need for any other 3rd-party software. BoostRooster takes care of Order Verification for you. Connect to your Seller Central account and BoostRooster does the rest.

Stop Rebate Scammers

Customers will try to cancel orders and claim a rebate at no cost. This can be harmful to our launch efforts. Our proprietary Rooster Protect™ system works hard to protect you from rebate scammers.

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