What is a Rebate Launch?

BoostRooster supercharges your Amazon rebate launch campaign with the power of ManyChat & Facebook. We provide a customized launch template, track/verify/limit your daily orders, and distribute rebates automatically
Launch Rebates Given

Automatic Manychat Flow Customization

Our tool asks you a few questions and does all the hard work for you. Get a customized template for your product that is ready to go in under ten minutes.

Streamlined Rebate Distribution

Our proprietary tool helps you distribute your gift card rebates to the right people. We also offer a PayPal option.

Order Verification and Daily Rebate Limits

Our RoosterConnect tool helps you verify orders automatically and allows you to place a limit on the number of rebates distributed per day.

Stop Rebate Scammers with Rooster Protect™

Customers will try to cancel orders and claim a rebate at no cost. This can be harmful to our launch efforts. Our proprietary Rooster Protect™ system works hard to protect you from rebate scammers.

The Two-Minute ChatBot Launch: How Does It Work?

We take care of the technical details and let you worry about the important stuff.

1. Connect

Add your brand information and connect to Seller Central.

2. Create A Campaign

Add product details, daily limits, and keywords.

3. Connect To ManyChat

Click to install our custom template into your ManyChat page.

4. Launch Your Facebook Ad!

Create your ad, and watch your rankings soar in our powerful dashboard!

Watch a Full Demo

BoostRooster Demo

Install Your Professional Level Customized ManyChat Launch Template at No Cost

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